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Pump House

If available, the trackside water tanks were frequently feed from a reliable stream.  However, if the stream had low or seasonal flow, or the elevation gain was not sufficient, the railroad would resort to either city water or the use of mechanical equipment to pump water supplied by either a well or a nearby stream or lake.  Pump houses were built to contain the equipment, and frequently included a bunk room for the boiler watchman.

This model represents a typical facility with a stationary steam powered water pump supplied by a small boiler, and comes with pit or well cover.  Building is 10' x 24'.

In later years, the boilers were frequently removed and replaced with an electric motor driven pump.   Documentation shows that some locations used a Sterling Steam Engine driven pump.   When a train stopped and filled the tenders, the fireman would throw a shovel full of burning coal into the pump engine's firebox, give the flywheel a spin, and then the train would be on its way.  The engine would continue to spin, pumping water into the tank, until the embers died out, causing the engine to stop.  This eliminated the need of having a boiler watchman.

HO 124-11
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