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Buffalo / Bailey Depot

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The rails of the Denver South Park, & Pacific railroad reached Buffalo late spring of 1878, and Bailey’s Ranch by October of the same year.  Nearly identical depots were built at both locations.  The South Platte River Canyon was popular with fishermen and "day trippers", resulting in the addition of a covered pavilion to the Buffalo depot.  The depots outlived the original railroad, and survived to see the rails of the then Colorado & Southern removed in 1938.  It is not known when the Buffalo depot disappeared, the Bailey depot remained standing into the 1960’s. This kit is based on dimensions in railroad documents, and photographs of both structures.  It can be constructed either with or without the pavilion, and includes the platform and Station Order Board.


HO   125-11           9.0" L  x 3.6" D

S       n/a

O      125-31        16.25" L x 6.5" D



HO   125-14  n/a at this time

S       n/a

O      125-34  n/a at this time