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50,000 Gallon Water Tanks

Octagonal & Round Roof

S Scale tanks temporarily not available     

Water tanks were a required expense of every steam operated railroad.  Tank spacing was dictated by equipment usage and loads, water availability, and grades.  For relatively flat terrain, tanks may have been spaced around 12 to 15 or even more miles apart, while this distance was reduced to as little as 5 to 6 miles on mountain passes.  Eater tanks were normally constructed to standardized plans.  Like almost everything else along the railroad, variations existed, and became more predominant with age, until at the end of service, no two tanks were identical.  Options allowing the incorporation of numerous observed changes are included in the materials, instructions and design of this kit. 


Octagon Roof Tank

Round Roof Tank

Octagon roof

Round roof with shingles cut in arcs to fit curves

Concrete piers

Stone foundation

12  Ten foot Posts drilled for tie rods

14 Nine foot posts without tie rods and with sills
  Additional cross braces


Both styles feature:

Complete, well illustrated and thought out instructions.


Roofs are marked with guidelines for shingle placement.


Real wood shingles


Different styles of cross and knee braces


Full complement of bands, partial complement of hoops


Jigs to make assembly easy


Barrel made from spool with one piece wood tank wrapper


Frost box can be built in the center or any leg of the bents


Frost box can be built with beaded or board siding



Also Available:

Chama Tank kit

Durango Tank kit (with or without second spout)

Additional tanks hoops and lugs for "Durango" style tank

Extra Spout

O scale Standard gauge in both versions

O scale Straight side barrel (without taper)


                                     Octagon        Round        Approximate

                                        Roof             Roof            Dimensions

   S Scale                     122-21         123-21       5"w  x 6"d

   O narrow gauge    122-31         123-31    6.5"w  x 7"d  x 11"h

   O Std Gauge           142-31         143-31    6.5"w  x 7"d  x 12"h


Weathering a RGS tank