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Wheeler's Mercantile with Whiskers

This building is not for sale, just shown to give ideas to those wanting to add and extra something to their layout.


Bill White took the basic Mercantile and Furniture kits and along some imagination and a trip or two to the scrap box, turned them into a beautiful diorama showing possible changes to a building over time.

Left side of diorama.  This side was built into a hillside, necessitating a rock wall, and making a convenient second entry into the second floor.

The right side with stock door and stairs, and  some clutter added.

The rear wall was separated from the hillside with a timber retaining wall and a walkway added to the door.


Furniture being brought in by truck.  Instead of detailing the interior, "Display areas" were built behind each window.  Covers for the books were designed on the computer, printed, and pasted on pieces of styrene.  Shades were cut from a scrap of manila folder, although downloaded pictures would work well.


Damaged siding was created by routing away the back side of the wall to a scale board thickness, then adding framing, followed by a scrap of wood scribed at 12" spacing and 45 degrees for the interior sheathing.


A second entry from the hillside was added to the left side.  Boards patch damaged siding.  Battens were shaved off with a chisel and a line scribed in it place for missing battens, or replaced with appropriate material at an angle.  Patches to the wall also increase interest.

For a complete article covering the construction of this display, contact Crystal River Products.  A condensed version was printed in Finescale Railroader's The 2007 Narrow Gauge Annual, published by Westlake Publishing Company, 1574 Kerryglen Street, Westlake, CA, 91361