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Silver Dollar Café

Photo by Bruce Nall                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Picture artwork by Steve Cross


Modeled after a café that is still in operation

in Colorado, this building is designed for easy construction

and will be the highlight of your town.


Cast Hydrocal® walls

Front wall is chipped stone with structurally accurate corners

Laser cut floor, rood, windows, skylight

Interior bracing

Windows allow for easy multicolor paint schemes with no casting flash

Roof details include multiple kitchen vents, wind turbines, skylight

Interior detail visible through skylight



Optional furniture kit includes four booths, two tables with chairs, bar with stools,

interior wall with pass-through and swinging kitchen doors.


Size 5˝"W x 9" D


Café        144-31

Interior  144-38

O Scale

Structurally accurate corners

Interior furniture

Roof detail include skylight, vents, turbines

Large windows highlights the interior

Open skylight allows viewing interior from above

Interior lighting and sidewalk not included with either kit.

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