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Wheel Interference Tester

Ever put a car or engine on the track just to have it hit the ties on a curve?  Is the problem caused by the track, or the equipment?  Our Wheel Interference tester is designed to allow you to check for interference between the wheels and under body equipment such as truss rods, brake rigging, piping, frame members.  It consists of clear plastic with two grooves cut at the specified radius.  Flip the car upside down and apply the tester so the flanges drop into the grooves and look for contact between the wheels and other body components such as truss rods, piping, brake rigging, or sills.  Roll the car and check for sticking wheels, wheels that wobble, or excessive axel play in the truck side frames.  Track centerline is marked so you can check for sufficient coupler swing.


Check for:


Wheels hitting brake rigging, truss rods, underbody appliances, frame members, or coupler pockets. 

bulletDrivers with insufficient lateral play.  insufficient swing on pilot and trailing trucks
bulletInsufficient coupler swing.
bulletExcessive end to end movement of axels in the truck side frames, wheels sticking.

  Radius PN
On3 36" 720-336
On3 42" 720-342
HO/On30 18" 720-418
HO/On30 24" 720-424
HO/On30 28" 720-428
HO/On30 36" 720-436
Sn3 24" 720-224
Sn3 28" 720-228
HOn3 24" 720-124
HOn3 17" 720-117

 All Wheel Interference Testers are approximately 12" x 2.25", made from clear acrylic, and priced at $15 each plus shipping.