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Real Wood Shingles

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Made from a stainable real wood with open grain, these shingles provide excellent finished appearance.  The shingles are supplied in sheets and normally come with a high strength permanent industrial grade adhesive backing manufactured by 3M.  S and O scale shingles are available in three "exposures" or "reveals", which is the row spacing.  Shingles for the round roof water tanks is made from the same material, but because it is impossible to form a straight strip around the decreasing radius of the cones, these are cut into arcs of decreasing radius.  All shingles are available in packages of 5 sheets for over a 22% discount in price.  All shingles except for the round roof tanks are available without the adhesive backing.

In general, sheet size is 5.5" x 8.5", size varies minimally depending on scale and exposure.  We are converting to a new material (same species of wood) that is half the thickness.  We will be able to supply the older material for years, it will come in a shorter sheet, with more sheets to ensure you get the same coverage, you will just have to ask for it.

All prices for round roof tanks shingles are higher, call for price.

Scale 8-12" 8" 5" Round roof    
HO 501-11          
S 501-21 501-22 501-23      
O 501-31 501-32 501-33      
F   501-42        
1/2"   501-52   501-56